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"Simon Dye is one of the best website experts in the country." Ian Mean, Editor in Chief – Gloucestershire Media including the Gloucestershire Echo, Gloucester Citizen, Western Daily Press, the Forester, Bath Chronicle, southwestbusiness.co.uk, thisisbath.co.uk, thisisbristol.co.uk, thisisgloucestershire.co.uk, and thisissomerset.co.uk

"Simon, Yer a ruddy genius. Top of Google already. Well Done. Cheers mate." D.H.

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!! You rock." J.F.

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What you will get from Dr Search

What you will get when you employ Dr Search is great value, award winning, professional online marketing expertise.

The Doctor does not make false promises.

As he do not own the search engines, not have any direct influence over them he can not claim that he will get you to the top of their free results sections immediately.

Nor can he give you any guarantee that he will get your website to the top by any set time in the future.

However in many instances he does achieve top rankings for his clients on Google and the other leading search engines. Some within a matter of days.

Equally it is no use getting to the top of search engines for agreed keyword phrases if the phrases do not get a lot of attention.

It’s like citing your retail shop on a shopping high street or around the corner on a small side street.

So we start off my finding out what your potential high traffic keywords actually are. In many cases the online world and the offline world have somewhat different phraseology.

For example in the financial services sector, buyers of holiday and travel money don’t search for “foreign exchange” they actually type in “currency converter”.

So, we make sure that you start off trying to attract the high volume online search traffic.

Then we examine your website to make sure that is search engine friendly- or optimised, for the agreed keyword phrases.

Ideally we will make the improvements to your website directly for you. This will probably include updating your metatags (those are the words that you see at the very top of your browser), improving your headings, pictures and descriptive text.

Optimising a website is a balance between making things easy for the search engines as well as for the humans who will then find your website. So that they will contact you- or make a purchase.

This process may also mean that we will have to create a few extra pages if you offer a range of products or services. Beginning with your top sellers and most profitable lines- because online marketing is all about making a profitable return on your investments.

Popularity breeds Success
The foundation of the Google search engine success is a mathematical algorithm which examines the number and type of links from third party websites linking in to websites.

It’s the old adage of nothing succeeds like success.

The founders calculated that if a particular page on a website has links from a number of other websites then something good or authorative must be contained on that page. Which means that it deserves a high ranking than less well referred to websites.

So Google (and Yahoo) look at the number of third party links and alter website ranking accordingly.

Thus as well as improving your website, the Search Clinic will also add on our search engine ranked pages links to you. These pages are genuine websites that are not click farms of casino type spammers.

Equally, we can not blast links everywhere as you will get penalised by Google as they only like to find around 250 new links per month building up on a consistent basis.

Marathon- not a sprint.
As you may have realised by now, achieving success from search engine optimisation marketing activities is a long term process, not a flash in the pan quick fix.

Professional Approach
Which is why we prefer to make sure that you are educated and aware of the online realities- which we can deliver on, rather than by making rash improbable promises that lead to disillusionment and disappointment in the near future.

Interested? Please contact the doctor now.