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SEO Surgery- Search Engine Optimisation what is it?

Dr Search's SEO Surgery- what is optimisation?

SEO designed properly provides the highest return on investment by achieving maximum visibility within major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo!

SEO is the basic building foundation for your website's success. Get the optimisation right and you can make money from your online marketing. Get it wrong and you will be forever working running uphill with one arm tied behind your back.

Over a decade ago Dr Search undertook some primary reserach with the Chartered Institute of Marketing to work out what the best- and most cost effective way was of driving traffic to websites.

And Optimisation was undoubtedly the most cost effective element of the marketing mix.

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation; it is used to describe the process designing your website in a way that it will appear higher in search engine rankings.

Optimisation is also one of the key elements in Pay Per Click (PPC) which Google use to calculate your ranking. It's not just the amount of money that you are prepared to bi- or donate to the bubbly at the shareholders' meeting as 85% of every Pound/ Dollar drops straight through to the bottom line.

Dr Search explains on YouTube how to make the most of your optimisation and achieve maximum visibility for your website within major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search.
SEO surgery on youtube
Optimisation Explained- seo surgery on Google requirements YouTube Video PT4 6mins 36 secs
Topics covered in this video are more information on current google optimisation requirements, the importance of text and headers and the fundamentals underlying the need for links popularity.

This is the fourth part of 11 videos on how to promote your website using the most cost effective elements of the marketing mix.

This video series was made from the lecture Simon Dye Dr Search the Principal Consultant at the Search Clinic’s made at the University of Gloucestershire on online marketing to to businesses, professionals including Members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Managers and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and students at the 5th annual Gloucestershire Professionals conference in June 2009.

More than 300 people attended the conference with over 60 attending Dr Search’s lecture on Online Marketing Tips, Strategies and how to use the most cost effective tools for your online marketing business.

Of the 12 seminars during the day Dr Search received the top rating with 93% of the attendees saying that he was relevant to their needs and 86% of attendees rated the content as highly rated.

Please have a look at the other videos as they become live on the Search Clinic YouTube Channel

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